About Us

Here at HEADSHELL Records our business structure is very simple: we work on a 50/50 profit sharing model with our artists. It is a true partnership between the label and the bands, instead of an adversarial relationship based on one side trying to get more than the other. We are artist-friendly because we are friends with our artists.

We never wrote a business plan or decided that we’d ‘start a record label’. We’ve been scraping together whatever resources we can to put out records, we work hard and we learn as we went along. We kept our DIY mentality and we always try to match the level of work and commitment of our bands. We work hard every day to tell the world about the bands we love.

Today, we are proud to make HEADSHELL Records an 100% independently owned and operated company. We are just beginning, with lots of ideas and plans for the future. HEADSHELL’s headquarters is located in Lisbon, Portugal.